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If you got an awesome idea, need some web apps or presence over the Internet. We can help you!

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Our apps are prepared to make some noise over the most spreaded social networks around the Internet. Work that we can do for you!

How we make things happen?

We make your idea a success in four simple steps

01 Idea 01


By working together we transform your idea into concrete benefits, in which you’ll be willing to invest your time and budget. At the end of this phase you will get a schedule of activities and an estimate date of project delivery.

02 Desarrollo 02


We know your needs can change during the project development; therefore, we split each project into short-period deliverables (2 weeks at most). In each of those we plan, design, develop and get some feedback from you.

03 Entrega 03


At the end of the development phase we integrate your solution and pack it for delivery, we assist you during the process of adoption and we monitor the correct functioning of the project during a certain period of time (discussed for every project).

04 Crecimiento 04


If your idea needs to be spreaded on the internet, we can help you through marketing campaigns over the most popular social networks. We achieve this in 3 simple steps: Planning, Campaign monitoring, Periodical reports delivery.


Some of the projects we've delivered so far



Digital Service to find interesting classes in your community. The project serves as a liaison between students who want to find something different to learn in your city, and all those places seeking an effective way to expose its educational offerings.

Responsible for

  • Design
  • Development


“ Our project was born from the vision of sharing knowledge and empowering people to be teachers and students anytime, anywhere. When working with the team Incaztech technology partners, our dream could materialize through an elegant platform designed nimbly. Working with them gave us an opportunity to grow and learn to develop a digital product that hopefully convey our dream of more students and more teachers in this country.”

— Miguel & Hugo Ramírez, Claseteca
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Noise Music Festival 2012


It's a famous indie music festival held every year in Monterrey México.

Responsible for

  • HTML & CSS


“ They did a very good job turning our design work into a website. Moreover, they had a very quick response time when we asked for changes. Very good customer service.”

— Manuel Rodríguez, Designer at Hellow
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The first Crossfit and Functional Fitness Online Magazine in Spanish. Its Responsive Design lets you visit it via PC, Ipad or Iphone. We used Expression Engine CMS as base technology.

Responsible for

  • Design, Development, Conceptualization


“ Incaztech provided a desktop and mobile website. They offered a clean and great solution and besides that helped us with our web marketing and social media spreading strategy.”

— Jorge Cadena, RXMagazine
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TailorMed is an e-commerce that provides a unique way of customizing scrubs for nurses and doctors. Using SpreeCommerce Incaztech could deliver this new business concept.

Responsible for

  • Design & Development


“ We were looking to find top quality talent to help us realize our start-up vision through an innovative online platform - Incaztech provided us with: a professional approach to project management and iterative development, a deep knowledge of our preferred language / platform: Ruby on Rails and an ability to act not just as a service provider but as a thought partner.”

— Joseph Saliba & Laurent Spammer, TailorMed
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Online service that allows ticket sales for events such as conferences or symposiums. Designed with ease of use in mind, users of the system can have its event up and running in a matter of minutes, thus leveraging its attendees inscription rate. Currently in beta.

Responsible for

  • Conceptualization
  • Design & Development
  • Positioning Strategy


“ The creative process for boletia was fun from beggining to end. Being in beta version, we ended up very satisfied with the results.”

— Arnoldo Rodríguez, Incaztech
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Online directory to promote what casinos in Mexico have to offer. Elegant and task-oriented, it currently posses the biggest amount of casinos nationwide, and it is currently starting its positioning strategy.

Responsible for

  • Conceptualization
  • Design & Development
  • Positioning Strategy


“ Mexico needed an Internet service to connect casinos with its customers. Not only did Incaztech gave us that, but it also deliver a fast, elegant solution.” Claudia Flores, CPP”

— Claudia Flores, CPP
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This client needed to establish online presence with a better website design and SEO. Besides the basic business data, the webiste makes available its product offering together with its contact info, hence making easier the arrival of potential customers.

Responsible for

  • Design & Development


“ In a very short period of time we were delivered with a high quality website and a catalog of our products that will let our customers know more about us.”

— Eugenia Amezquita, Efiplus
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Meet the team

Different people, different talents. We work because is fun.

  • Gil Niño

    Gil Niño

    Samurai hacker
  • Bernardo Ruiz

    Bernardo Ruiz

    UX sensei
  • Alfredo Canales

    Alfredo Canales

    Responsive UI junkie
  • Rogelio Canales

    Rogelio Canales

    People enchanter
  • Roberto Lara

    Roberto Lara

    Ruby Zombie
  • Arnoldo Rodriguez

    Arnoldo Rodriguez

    Cooking hacker
  • Andres Priego

    Andres Priego

    Happiness inspector
  • Eduardo Sauret

    Eduardo Sauret

    UX marshall
  • Joshua Francia

    Joshua Francia

    Business crafter

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